I'm asking for your vote.

Dear Friend,

The Upstate has a choice tomorrow. We can send a principled leader in the mold of Trey Gowdy or Jim DeMint to Congress who will unite our people with a common vision, or we can go backwards. I happen to believe going backwards poses a great threat to our region’s image and prosperity. The Upstate is rightly recognized for our good people, economic renaissance, and high quality of life. That’s why I am asking for your vote. As a former prosecutor, successful businessman, and ethics watchdog in the State Senate, I believe no candidate is better prepared to continue Trey Gowdy's legacy of transforming government and holding Congress accountable. Like President Trump, I refuse to be bought by the special interests and dark money groups who want a puppet in Washington. That’s the reason groups from outside of South Carolina have spent almost a million dollars trying to defeat me. We can’t let the Swamp win. My experience in solving the Upstate’s greatest challenges is deep. I’ve worn a few hats in my life including prosecutor, local small business owner, and now state senator. In four years with the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s office, I prosecuted the toughest criminals including murderers, drug dealers, and domestic abusers. It concerned me that domestic violence victims were not being well-served by the court’s processes, so I helped create a centralized DV court for domestic violence cases. Then-Governor Nikki Haley appointed me to her domestic violence task force. My opponent has attempted to cast my success in small business as a negative in this race. I won’t apologize for starting up local favorites like Swamp Rabbit Cross Fit and Soul Yoga, where we have created dozens of jobs for Upstate residents. In the State Senate, I have supported term limits and making government more ethical, because I truly believe we need citizen legislators who have real world success. In comparison, my opponent has been running for office for twenty years. This past spring, I held the first State Senate hearing on term limits in modern South Carolina history. Three candidates for governor even attended and testified! We are making progress to clean up the culture of corruption and the power of special interests in Columbia. In Congress, I will be a citizen legislator whose main focus is to do the work of the people, including fighting for our conservative values and not catering to the special interests and corrupt lobbyists. Then I'll come home. I will work tirelessly to rein in out-of-control government spending, rebuild our military, and secure our borders from illegal immigration. I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to old age, and that it must be respected and protected. I will be an unabashed champion for life. Above all else, I will fight for you. I will always put the interests of the Upstate first and make no promises to Washington insiders. My opponent is a nice man, and I believe he means well. However, his history of embarrassing stunts like proposing a new state currency, a string of election defeats, business failures, and the dirty, name-calling campaign he has waged against me make him the wrong choice. I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday and would be honored to serve as your next Congressman. Please let me know if you have any questions.


William Timmons