William Timmons is an Attorney, Entrepreneur, and U.S. Representative from Greenville, South Carolina.


Attorney, Entrepreneur

William Timmons entered Congress with a commitment to clean up Washington and fight for the conservative values of South Carolina’s 4th District. 


His experience as a small business owner dealing with overbearing government regulations and exploding health care costs inspired him to run for public office.  As a state senator, he worked to limit government and make it more accountable to taxpayers.  Timmons plans to do the same in Washington.


During his four years as a prosecutor with South Carolina's 13th Circuit Solicitor’s office, William made serving victims of domestic violence a top priority and helped create a centralized court for domestic violence cases in Greenville County. 


William is a lifelong and active member of Christ Church in Greenville. He studied law and International Studies at the University of South Carolina and serves as JAG Officer and First Lieutenant in the SC Army National Guard.  He also holds degrees in International Affairs and Political Science from George Washington University. 


William was chosen by his classmates to represent the House Republican Freshman Class on the Republican Steering Committee. 


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"As a former prosecutor and small business leader in Greenville, I have grown frustrated by the federal government’s inability to live within their means. Wasteful spending has grown out of control and needs to stop. I am equally concerned about the power of special interests in Washington, DC and support TERM LIMITS 100% giving more power back to the people and less power to the career politicians. Additionally, I pledge to only serve 6 terms and no more. We need more citizen legislators willing to go serve and come home. That’s my commitment."

We must fix our broken immigration system once and for all. I support President Trump’s plan to build a wall, secure our borders, and stop sanctuary cities. I also believe we must end chain migration and go back to immigration based primarily on merit. 


I believe we must hold all of those in federal government accountable for their actions and maximize transparency in everything the government does. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats need to pay for their actions so we can begin to restore confidence and trust in government.


The United States Armed Forces have protected the people of this nation for over 200 years and they must be given the resources they need to do their jobs. President Reagan was right - we will only experience true peace through strength. I will always stand with the men and women who have honorably served our nation in the military. I will fight to make sure every veteran gets the benefits and medical care to which he or she is entitled. 


We must stop unsustainable government spending. Our national debt is $21 trillion dollars and growing. I support President Trump’s efforts to cut the fat in government and restore fiscal sanity to Washington. I also support a balanced budget amendment so we can finally rein in government spending. Like former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, I will do everything in my power to make sure federal earmarks and pork barrel spending remain a relic of the past. I will strongly oppose any attempt to reinstate Congressional earmark spending.


I am a proud gun owner. No one will fight harder to protect and preserve your 2nd Amendment rights. Government has NO right to tell us how we should defend our family and our property.


I am proudly pro-life and I believe all life starts at conception. I will defend the God-given right to life and actively support pro-life legislation. As a State Senator and private citizen I have promoted adoption, foster care, and Big Brothers-Big Sisters programs and will continue to make these a priority as your Congressman.

"The time is right to rein in runaway government spending, eliminate burdensome regulations, increase accountability and transparency for all elected officials, rebuild our military, secure our borders, and fix our broken health care system."


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